Collection: Short Birds Nursery Blanket Ladders

Are you looking to find the perfect nursery blanket ladder?

Our one-of a kind blanket ladder is made specifically for the nursery.

Keep organized and store baby blankets, swaddles, comforters, and toys at an arm reach.

✓ Beautiful farmhouse light gray with an adorable decal.

✓Premium pine wood and polished surface for a chic finish.

✓ Our baby blanket ladder is simple to assemble for thenew parents. The perfect and unique baby shower gift!

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  • Short Birds Nursery Blanket Ladder - Dark Gray
    BABY BLANKET HOLDER! A decorative blanket ladder is just the accent needed to finish a nursery. Customers are loving how convenient the ladder stores blankets, swaddles, and more! Next time you are putting the little one to bed or taking a baby milestone photo it'll be right there on the ladder. One of the most important aspects of a nursery is functionality and organization. Our nursery blanket ladder is both functional and adorable. Height: 5'3, Width: 1.5
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